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Web Site Maintenance
Once your web site is designed, it is important to maintain, update and revise it regularly to keep it fresh and alive. I have customers who only wanted hosting and design for their web site. Most, however, prefer to have the option to have me update their site regularly and provide new improvements and new advertising as it comes along. Again, in keeping with our purpose of providing small businesses with web presence at the most reasonable cost, my fees for monthly maintenance are lower than any of my competition. I maintain large, multiple page sites for up to $1000 a year and small one page sites for as low as $10 a month. I check with my customers, at least monthly, to get their updates, to incorporate new advertising and to see if there have been any changes in the information their customers need most. With our maintenance process at DaveWeb1.com, we make sure your web page stays vital, interesting and attention-grabbing to every available customer.