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About Us

DaveWeb1.com is owned and managed by me....Dave Matthews. I'm a UPS airline pilot...I fly for UPS during the night and "moonlight" as a web designer during the day.  I started designing web pages about three years ago, primarily for volunteer organizations, churches and ministries.  I found that as I volunteered to maintain web sites, I kept adding to my work load, until now, I design, update and manage over 20 web sites......mostly for volunteer organizations like churches, ministerial organizations, our local pilot's association, a Boy Scout Troop, the Town Council, and High School Band  and Music organizations.

About two years ago, I got my first "paid" job as a web designer, designing the web site for an organization called PilotBusiness.com, a site that advertises businesses like mine, run part time by UPS pilots.  Like all good web site designers, I encourage you to check out some of the web sites I manage and have listed them below.

Although web designing has become a rather involved hobby, I continue to encourage those who are interested in a web presence to have a chat with me about their needs.  I manage web sites for volunteer organizations for free.  I am also involved in helping individuals and businesses set up web sites at a substantially discounted rate.  That is the purpose of this web site.

Address: Dave Matthews, 10003 Wind Hill Dr, Greenville, IN 47124
Ph: 812.923-8951
E-Mail: daveweb1@aol.com

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