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Web Site Design
Design is my favorite, but of course most time-consuming, part of producing web sites. I orignally designed my first web pages using template-common web site design programs, often included with the ISP service. I found, however, that this severely restricted what I could do with web sites. Back in the 80's (that's right, 1980s) I taught myself basic programming in DOS. So, the best answer appeared to me to be, once again, learning the language to do what I wanted to do with web sites. I learned HTML code and am now in the process of refining my skills by learning JAVA script as well.

What makes DaveWeb1.com so convenient for you, the customer, is that you don't have the time nor desire to learn this stuff. I've learned it for you (and for me). I can produce your web page using most any style that you might see on the web. Take a look, not only at the pages I have designed, but at other pages. If there is a particular style you like, chances are, I can design your site with that style and customize it to advertise your information and your business needs.

I have purposely used several design styles as I have designed my site here at DaveWeb1.com so you can see several different styles and techniques (fadeins, multiple gifs and animated gifs, highlighted button menu selection, etc.) It is a good practice to maintain the same style throughout your web site, however, by providing you different style examples, you see lots of different options to choose from. I do my own digital photography so we can include digital photos of you and your business to personalize your web site. Talk to the folks whose web pages I have created, revised and maintain. I think you'll find that hosting your web site at DaveWeb1.com might be the smartest decision you can make.