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On Line Advertising
Of course, this is the primary object of purchasing web space with DaveWeb1.com in the first place.....on-line advertising for your business. It is not difficult to discover that the cost of web site advertising in the open market can easily exceed $1000 a year. We keep your costs down and keep your advertising circulation up. In addition to advertising with your own site, your ad will be advertised here at DaveWeb1.com with links from several other available sources. I can help you list your web site in numerous popular search engines, many of them at no cost whatsoever. I can assist you in obtaining and connecting your web site to a dot-com domain name at the lowest price on the market.

To be completely honest, no business, large or small, can afford to not have a web presence. Your business card should have your web site listed on it. After you make the initial sales pitch to any customer it is absolutely essential that they have your internet site to visit to find out more about your business, in their own time. They should feel free to compare your business opportunity against other competitors to make a more informed decision about their options--and your site can give them that opportunity. Web site advertising will bring you business. It has already shown its value in bringing in business opportunities to my customers where they hadn't even done any ground work. Now is not too early to give your business a web presence that only helps bring more business to your doorsteps. Let me help you get on-line now!