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  Daveweb1.com is a small business that specializes in helping other small businesses create a presence on the web. Most small business owners have neither the time nor inclination to learn the "ins and outs" of producing a web page to advertise and promote their businesses. That's where DaveWeb1.com comes in. I can help your business by designing your web site to suit your particular needs. Once the site is designed, I can help you update and maintain the site to suit the changing needs of your business. Plus, we price our business listings to accomodate the budget of most small businesses. Click on one of the connections below to read more:  
  I started off designing web sites for volunteer and church organizations. My business grew almost faster than I could keep up, but now DaveWeb1 hosts and maintains over twenty volunteer web sites. Of course, the service is provided free as a service to the community and as a ministry to church organizations I am associated with. Although my time for maintaining these kinds of sites is extremely limited, looking at them might give you an idea of where you might like to take your site. Plus, you may decide you'd like to invest a part of your life or money into some of these worthy organizations and ministries.  
  DaveWeb1.com represents business web sites from all ranges....from the multi-page, multi-function web site of large business operations all the way to the small business that wants no more than a single page web site ad. Take a look at the business sites we list below for a good example of the wide range of sites we maintain and possible ideas for your business site.  
  That's my Grandma Bert...she's over 90 years old. (Notice how I sneaked her picture in here...no real connection. I just love my Grandma.) Our business specializes in helping small businesses get a "web presence" at a price they can afford. Depending on how much detail you want and how big a web site you're looking for, we can tailor a web page for you that not only meets your business and advertising needs, but also meets your budget. Check out our pricing options below.