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Web Site Hosting
Web Site Hosting is the primary purpose for DaveWeb1.com...it's what we're all about! I started designing and hosting my first web sites at locations that either offered free hosting space or was part of the internet service provider service I had already paid for. Although these sites were a good start while I was learning how to do the business, I quickly found out that the "free hosting" came at a price....lots of obnoxious banner ads that advertised my host. I guess it's true, there really isn't any free lunch. So, to avoid banner ads I didn't want and extremely slow updating service, I purchased space with a local company, Half Price Hosting and moved all my sites to my reserved space. I use this space now for all my sites.......volunteer, church, non-profits, and my paying customers.

I have been very pleased with the service I have received and been able to supply my customers. My "niche" in the business is to help small businesses achieve a presence on the web that helps them advertise their business without "breaking the bank." As a result, it is my aim to host sites, help obtain dot-com domain names, and provide maintenance and updating service at the lowest prices available. I don't have a huge overhead so I don't have to charge such a big markup on my services. From a simple one-pager to a "full-blown" multipage advertising monster, I can help you and your business achieve the internet advertising you need. Check out some of the sites I host at the "Sites" tab above. Feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way. I think you'll find that my services and prices can't be beat!