We have lost several of our leaders, founders and "pillars" of the BMA recently. This section is devoted to them, their service to the BMA, and our thanks to them for being "good and faithful servants." Click on the photo to view the memorial.

Bro Schwambach
Rev. R. R. Schwambach
Brother Frank Ashby
Missionary Linda Ayers

Bro B
Rev. W. B. Badger
Bro Gene
Rev. Eugene Holder
Brother Francis "Harvey" Davids

Bro Masters
Rev. Merwin Masters
Brother Frank
Rev. Frank Warren
Bro Levi
Brother Levi Whisner
Bro Varnell
Rev. A. F. Varnell
Brother IE Wilson
Rev. I. E. Wilson
Bro Jack Morrow
Rev. Jack Morrow
Brother James Holt
Rev. James Holt
Bro Jerry Witt
Rev. Jerry Witt
Bro David Merwin
Rev. David Merwin
Bro Wendell Nance
Rev. Wendell Nance
Bro Glenn Dyhouse
Rev. Jack Dyhouse
Bro Don Etnier
Rev. Don Etnier
Bro Hornbeck
Rev. M. D. Hornbeck
Bro David Williams
Rev. David Williams
Bro Campbell
Rev. Max Campbell
David Williams
Harold Grise
Ivan Rine

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