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Pricing - Large Business Sites
     I currently design and maintain several multi-page, multi-function business sites. For an example of my work, check www.pilotbusiness.com or Insulated Roofing Contractors sites.

These sites are both $1000 a year web sites. Your web site may not be as involved or as detailed as these, so your cost might be less. However, larger sites, because of the amount of detailed work required, do not fall into the pricing category of Smaller Business Sites. On the other hand, as a business grows and expands its customer base and advertising requirements, it is wise to stay ahead of the competition by maintaining a web presence that competes well in the market place. That often requires taking the next step to producing a large, commercial site.

As I mentioned in another location of my web site, I am a commercial airline pilot working for UPS. I do this business in my spare time. Obviously, my time is limited. Equally obvious, however, is the fact that my customers who devote more in the way of finances toward production of their web sites have a right to expect more of my time to be spent maintaining it. I always try to earn what I am paid as a Web Master. So, expectedly, I give significantly more time and attention to the larger web sites than I have available to give to the smaller ones.

If you feel that your large commercial web site could benefit from hosting your site with DaveWeb1.com, please contact me at DaveWeb1@aol.com. I will look at the work your web site will probably require and give you an estimate of what I think it will cost. I enjoy the challenge of larger web sites but always find it equally challenging to ensure that I give my larger, more time-intensive sites the attention that they deserve. Having said that, I'm sure that after I give you my estimate, you will find that my rates, even for the larger web sites, are more economical than you will find anywhere else. Please feel free to contact my customers to get their endorsements about my services. I hope I'll be able to help you in the near future. Thanks for your consideration.

By the way, at DaveWeb1.com, we also have available maintenance of secure, credit card collecting services for your business through VeriSign accounts at competitive, commercial rates. Ask about this service, if your business requires collection capabilities.