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This section is just for folks who are trying to sell their house on their own. I know how hard that can be because I've tried it myself.  It ain't easy!   You have to get the house ready (hard to do with four active kids) and then keep it ready.   Advertising is pretty much limited to your sign in the yard, word of mouth and any ads you pay to put into the paper.  

Well, as you can see from the above sign, last time I tried it, I decided I needed to do more to get the word out.   I decided to design a web page that advertised my house for me.  I put the web page address on the FSBO sign so those who drove by could jot it down (I also put the web page address on my handouts) and then get more details later at home.   I got calls from that action.  I believe you can too!

Now I know that not everyone knows how to get a web page up and running to advertise their house.   That's where I want to help.

For a $50 setup fee, I will come to your house, get the details that you want to have advertised on your house, take up to three digital pictures and produce a web page you can use to advertise your house, 24 hours a day.  Then, for just $10 a month, I'll maintain your web page and make any changes you need.  The $10 per month fee is only carried for the first five months, so you will never pay more than $100 for a whole year of internet advertising.  If after a year, (we certainly hope not) your house has not sold, then just continue an additional $10 per month for five months and the rest of the year is free! (No more than $50 the second year.)

If you think you'd be interested in advertising on the internet using my services, please contact me at
812-923-8951 (local call in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area) or e-mail me for more information.  I'll have you advertising on the internet the next day!

Those rates again:
$50 setup fee
$10/month maintenance fee
   (maximum of $100 total for a full year)
Second year: Max of $50
FSBO Advertisements
Please check out the
advertisement I produced
for my house.
Click on the house to the left.

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