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    Not everyone in every business venture needs a "full-blown", constantly updating web site to advertise their business. Just like a smart business person always has their business card available to present to potential customers, the Electronic Business Card is just the right amount of advertising for those who want a web presence without all the added cost and hassle of changing web information.

    You've just made your contact with a potential customer. You hand him your card and ask him to contact you if he's interested. On your business card, you have your Electronic Business Card web site address. Later at home or in his office, your interested customer checks your Electronic Business Card address where he finds all the information about your business and answers to his questions he meant to ask. Your "card" tells him about your business instead of making him call you back to find out more.

    More than just a card, with limited information, the Electronic Business Card is a one-page web site advertisement for you and your business that lets potential customers know everything about you that you want them to know, at their convenience, when they're ready, available 24 hours a day. Because it isn't updated or changed every month, you can have this service for a one-time fee of $50 for the whole year. Post the web address on your business card and let your E-Card advertise for you. For an added fee, you can have your own "dot-com" address.

If this service sounds like just what you need, or you have some other internet need I can help you with, give me a call at 812-923-8951 or contact me via e-mail at DaveWeb1@aol.com and I'll have you advertising on the internet the next day.

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