Members of the Bethel Ministerial Association have joined together over the years with a common understanding of scripture and the ability to lovingly disagree where doctrinal issues are not as fundamental.   No one argued the doctrines of the Bible more faithfully than its founder "Doc" Varnell as he helped found the organization we enjoy today. Though we may disagree occasionally on minor doctrinal differences, love has always guided us in our fellowship with one another. Like Brother Varnell guided, in things essential, we strive for unity. In things non-essential, we enjoy liberty. In all things, we share charity.

What you find here is a new attempt to generate discussion on doctrinal issues. We hope this will help you learn more about the BMA and provide a forum for "sharpening our sword." Any inputs will be screened by the Chairman and manager of the website for content. Please feel free to offer submissions via email at Please, also let us know if you enjoy and appreciate this forum. We hope it will be used for increasing our knowledge, lifting up Jesus and His Kindom and will, in all ways honor Him.


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