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Rev John Wongler, Host Pastor


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Welcome to Bethel Church!

The Spirit wasn't the only thing sweet in this place.

A really good crowd.

Pastor John welcomes us all.

Intent on fighting for the Word.

Brother Josh kicked it off on Sunday Night.

Nothing like Southern Gospel.

Brother Scott, Fighting for the Family.

Brother Jim, Fighting for the Church.

Brother Jose, Fighting for the Missions.

Sister Sandy, Missions on the field.

Rev Don Matthews, Fighting for our heritage"

Rapt attention by the crowd.

Brother John, keeping up with the Scriptures.

Brother Jerry, Words from Mexico.

Brother Billy, Fighting for the Next Generation

Brother Steve, Contending for the Faith

Pastor John Wongler, Our Door is always open to YOU!

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Sunday Anniversary Service,
Rev Josh and Christina Long
Monday Night 6:30pm,
Indiana Gospel Music Association
Tuesday ROUND 1, 9am,
"Worth Fighting For: The Family",
Rev Scott Branam
Tuesday ROUND 2, 10am,
"Worth Fighting For: The Church",
Rev Jim Wilson
Tuesday ROUND 3, 11am,
"Worth Fighting For: Missions",
Rev Jose Rodriguez

Part 2, Conclusion
Tuesday ROUND 5, 2pm,
"Worth Fighting For: Our Heritage",
Rev Don Matthews

Part 2, Conclusion
Tuesday ROUND 6, 3pm,
"Worth Fighting For: The Next Generation",
Rev Billy Holder

Part 2, Conclusion
Tuesday night, 6:30pm,
"Fight or Flight-Contending for the Faith", Rev Steve Owens and the Longs
Wednesday Night Service,
Night of Prayer and Worship
with Brother Titus Chapman

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