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Rev Dave Matthews, Host Pastor
OCTOBER 5-7, 2020
"I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name." (Rev 3:8)

What a year this has been! Don't even get me started talking about the Corona Virus! But what would our conference be without some ecouragement among us about what we have been through? The theme, "Open For Business" is given rather tongue-in-cheek. We all know that the Church of Jesus Christ, represented in a small manner by the BMA, has never been closed. We have met virtually, we have done our best to keep the bills paid and the world continues to be evangelized. However, in a lot of ways, it is our desire that a new hope will join us October 5-7 as we greet one another in a spirit of new openness and joy!

Now, please use the information on this website to plan to join us for what can be a life-changing conference as we meet together as an association of ministers for Jesus. Below you will see details about the conference that I hope will help you plan for coming, prepare for what the Lord wants us to hear and get ready for some great fellowship, singing and praising Jesus. Remember, if you have any questions I don't answer here, either drop me an email at or call me at 812-987-8824. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of Indiana's most beautiful parks in just a few weeks.

God bless,

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Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN

Decatur, IL to Spring Mill State Park

Lincoln, IL to Spring Mill State Park

Rockport, IN to Spring Mill State Park

Hatfield, IN to Spring Mill State Park

Rochester, Logansport, Indy to Spring Mill

San Antonio/Houston to Spring Mill State Park

Lodge at Spring Mill
State Park, Mitchell, IN

Website at IN.GOV
For booking call 812-849-3534
Group Code: 1005BM
Single Room/King Bed $109.99 per night
Spring Mill State Park Campground
Book Campsites at this website
Full Hookup Campsites 132, 136, 143 and 144
available for our dates

2020 BMA Fall Conference Brochure
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The BMA came prepared for anything!

We enjoyed a beautiful meeting room
and God's beautiful scenery!

The Wonglers lead in Praise and Worship.

Praising and worshiping together.

Pastor Steve Owens "The Open Door!"

A good turnout for the Fall Conference.

How our pastors handled Corona.

"Here's what we did."

Pastor Pete LeDuc adding to the mix.

Brother Joe Greene's experience with the Virus.

Jerry VanRonk with missions in Africa.

Pastor Steve Mills fresh off the field from Kuwait.

Pastor Don, "What is the business of the church?"

Dave Matthews, "You better vote, brother!"

Whitney Ward, Evangelism in the streets.

Two Matthews' are always better than one!

Rev Don Matthews, "Where do we go from here?"

Pastor John Wongler, "The Door is about to shut!"

Maybe going flying with Dave wasn't such a good idea after all.

Brother Tom Sullivan, an experienced pilot! Who knew?

The Wonglers actually handled flying with Dave like real troopers!

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Any of these sessions can be ordered by emailing Dave at
Monday Night Service
Oct 5, 6:00pm
(All times will be Eastern Time Zone)

"An Open Door"
Rev 3:7-13

Rev Steve Owens, Chairman
Open Door? Seems like we've been experiencing a lot of closed doors lately! Are we the Philadelphia church of today? What doors are the Lord opening for us? Are we really now open for business?
Tuesday, 9am
Pastors Forum: Owens, Wongler, Frye, Horath, Smith, Phillips

Forum: "Corona Blues"
"I don't want to wear a mask!"
As a pastor, how did you handle this pandemic? Is it now safe to meet together in worship? How should we handle the political aspects of this crisis? Are our doors really open now? How did that virtual meeting work out for you?
Tuesday, 10:30
Rev Joe Greene

"First hand experience with the virus"
"You think you've got it bad?"
Brother Joe was actually down for five weeks with the Corona Virus. He will share with us what he went through. Then he will share how bad it is in other places of the world. We will invite our attending missionaries to inform us about how the virus has affected the areas of their work.
Tuesday, 11:30

Rev Don Horath

"What is Our Business?"
"The Door's Open, Anyone Coming In?"
Rev 3:9
Were we really ever closed for business? What is the "business" of the church? How has the effects of the virus changed how we will meet together? Are there any lessons from the business world that the church could do better at?
Tuesday, 1:30pm
Rev Dave Matthews

"You better vote Brother!"
"The Door's About to Close"
Faith and Politics revisited
Every election they tell us "this will be the most important election in the life or our nation." Is this true? Is our election decision now a moral/religious/faith one? Are we really choosing between good and evil? How should our leadership in our church be used to help our parishoners make wise voting decisions? Should we continue to not talk about politics in our church?
Tue, 2:30pm
Rev Whitney Ward

"Knock the Door Down"
"Sometimes you feel like a nut!"
Radical Witnessing
Every member of our church should be a soul winner. Sometimes, you look like a nut when you witness for Jesus. Every church needs a "nut" who isn't afraid to go out and win souls for the kingdom. Are you developing your parishoners to be soul winners?
Tue, 3:30pm
Rev Don Matthews
"Where Do We Go from Here?"
"A Great Door of Opportunity"
1 Cor 16:9, 2 Cor 2:12, Acts 14:27
If we are going to be honest, this virus has affected how we meet together as a church. How will we let the changes we have experienced affect us as we head down the road of time? Paul said in 1 Corinthians that a "great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adverseries." Are we in the same position? Have we learned any lessons from this year's experience? What is the best way forward for the church?
Tue Night Evening Service, 6pm

Pastor John Wongler
"The Door Isn't Going to be Open Much Longer"
"Three Names on Your Forehead"
Rev 3: 10-13
We believe in the rapture of the church. When is it going to happen? Like the Revelation church of Philadelphia, are we getting ready to leave this world? And what are those three names we are going to have written on our forehead? The signs of the times sure make it look like Jesus' return is getting really close!
Wednesday, 10am

BMA Board Meeting

11:30 Annual BMA Business Meeting
Dates and location of the January Planning Meeting, 2021 Spring Conference, Next year's Fall Conference, Youth Camp Dates.
Wednesday After Lunch

Those who do not immediately need to leave for home, we will tour Spring Mill Historic Village, Spring Mill Caves and for those who choose,
go flying with Dave!
We know that many of you need to get home. However, there are lots of very interesting things we can do, both on the grounds of Spring Mill Park as well as nearby. Have you ever flown upside down? No telling what Pilot Dave might do...if you have the time.

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