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Welcome to the program. This section is designed to show the viewer exactly what we cover during the presentation of "Faith and Politics." We recognize that pastors are accountable to their parishoners for the content of what they allow preached in their pulpits. We also realize that not all parishoners, and perhaps fellow Christians for that matter, will always share all the views presented by this program. For that reason, we have included in the following program the content of what we discuss during the "Faith and Politics" sermon.

The program is not intended to convince people to become Republicans, nor is it directed toward one single political issue. It is assumed that viewers agree with the view that birth begins at conception, that marriage is between one man and one woman and that those sins which God condemns in the Scriptures are sins. Realizing that we all sin, we never try to condemn the sinner. But we also do not shy away from clear Biblical teaching on what God says is wrong.

Understanding this view, I invite you to review the program that we use when invited to speak. Please feel free to comment on it and criticize it with the intent that we hopefully share...promoting the building of the Kingdom of God on earth. God bless.