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The Proverbs provide us with little jewels of wisdom. We read through them quickly because we live such a rapid pace of life. But I believe that David and Solomon learned to receive the Word and meditate on it in a far slower and deliberate fashion than we do today. David, in the pasture, might come upon a thought like "righteousness exalting a nation" and then think about it and meditate on it for some length of time.

It is interesting that this "jewel" of wisdom seems casually mixed with many other pearls of wisdom. That might have been that a nation that would desire righteousness was a theme that was universally accepted…..“a no-brainer”…..DUH! If a nation is righteousness, it will succeed!

Might not be surprising for us to know that the founders of our nation felt exactly the same. They knew that following the righteous life that was demanded by Scripture and basing our government on God’s direction and Scriptural principals was the surest way to insure the nation’s success. Many quotes demonstrate this: