My story is a little bit like others I have heard of those who entered politics. I was approached by someone who needed to fill a position...this time on the Town Council. I had just attended a Council meeting where the issue was whether or not to introduce sewer systems into our rural town. Since I had just purchased a new home with a perfectly working septic system, I expressed my opinion that sewers would be expensive, obtrusive and completely unnecessary. Duh! After the meeting, Jack told me the council needed someone from our subdivision to sit in the vacated seat of the council. I told him I would think about and thought I'd never see him again. A month later, he showed up at my front door, said "Sign right here", and I was on the council. I sat on that council for ten years and was elected the Council President for the last four, a fancy name for small town mayor. When I stepped off the council, I thought, "that would be enough of that." But our Council attorney approached me and told me the county needed a new Republican Party Chairman. A month later, I started that ten year process.

While I was a Party Chairman, I learned many lessons about political parties, their structures, how to run elections, how to get folks to volunteer to help... The list really goes on indefinitely. But, one of the most important lessons I learned was how important it was to get honest, reliable, moral people to "join the cause." That part was never easy. I found that lots of people got into politics for lots of different reasons, many that I could not agree with. I especially found it important to approach my Christian friends to get involved because, at least in theory, they brought their Christian faith along with them.

I was once told that the two things one should never talk about in public was religion and politics. Surprisingly, those are the two topics people like to talk about the most. I enjoyed talking about both topics a lot. They were both very interesting to me. And, since I have been devoted to my Christian faith all of my life and base all my moral decisions on that faith and the principals taught in the Bible, I assumed that all other Christians would do the same and therefore make better politicians. I was shocked to find that my Christian friends had lots of different feelings about the world of politics and, therefore, different reactions to my approaches to get them involved. The majority of them just don't want to be involved. Many assume that thet two worlds should never meet, that all of politics is corrupt and that Christians should never mix their faith with politics for risk of losing their salvation. To my great surprise, however, I found a few, truly devoted Christians who agreed with my approach to this seemingly restricted area of our society. They agreed that Christians should have a deep involvement with our political system and be instrumental in the leadership of our community, state and nation. Some even agreed that without Christian involvement in the political system, we would be leaving leadership of our government in the hands of those who at the very best did not share our moral values and at worst would lead our nation away from God and ultimately, to ruin.

Having said all that, I hope I might have piqued your interest enough to want to learn more. It would be my intention, then, to give you at least some introductory lessons into the world of politics from a Christian point of view. It should not surprise anyone that the founding fathers of our nation who wrote our Constitution and Declaration of Independence relied heavily upon their faith in God and our need for His divine direction, influence and leadership. For that, I would introduce below a review of the history of the founding of our nation, its political system and the religious influence with which they relied upon the way our country would work. I would also encourage you to take a look at the area of how our political system functions, from the local level to most state levels and then the Federal Government. The third area I would almost insist that we look at then, would be that area where I actually share what you can do. It will stress the very minimum each of us as Christians should do to be involved...VOTE! But it will also surprise many how easy it is to get involved in local politics, how accessible being a part of the team is and how important it is for every Christian to discover what the Lord would really have them to do. As I have said many times before, "If you want a heathen government, just leave it to the heathens!" The last area I will suggest for now would be looking closely at some of the very important issues that are before us these days in our nation, how they affect every one of us, how important they are to our nation and what we should be doing as Christians to help influence the path of our country.

Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people." I hope you will find the information below helpful. Please consider it prayerfully as you intake the information. I firmly believe that this nation was the only case in all of history where God sovereignly allowed men and women of faith to have so great an impact into their own governement. We are today at the crossroads of losing that blessing because we have allowed those without faith, without morals to dictate how we will live. This may be our last day to keep the government God blessed us with, before it is gone forever. No pressure. Blessings!

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