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           To make it easier for our pastors to register their kids for Youth Camp, it is our intention to provide the following means of completing registration for all campers for Youth Camp. In the end, the registrar must have four copies of the registration document for each camper. Pastors may download a registration form from this location and then print one form per camper to be completed and then mailed to Rev Phil Frye prior to camp. He will then make multiple copies to be used for registration. Downloads may be made from MS Word file, MS Works file, PDF file or JPG file.

           Alternatively, pastors may download a file in MS Word or MS Works format, complete one form for each camper and save it as an individual MS Word/Works file to be mailed to Rev Phil Frye for registration after printing or, more conveniently, attached to an email to Rev Frye at his email address at fryephillip@gmail.com. Rev Frye will take each resistration file emailed to him, print one copy and produce all necessary additional copies needed for camp. This last method provides the pastor the most convenient method of registering his campers, costs nothing in mail expenses and provides the registrar with immediate information. For those reasons, we encourage everyone to use this method. However, please use whichever method most appeals to you. Thank you for your help in registering your campers early.
God bless.

Download Registration for Camp

Download Registration in PDF Format
Download Registration in MS Word Format
Download Application in JPG Format

Download Dress Code for Camp

Step-by-Step Registration Procedures
1.  Choose method by which you want to download file from list above.
2.  Download registration form to your computer.
3.  Save the file on your computer.
4.  Print form on your printer.
5.  Duplicate/copy the form to obtain one per camper.
6.  Complete all forms including signatures.....these are the originals. Keep them close! Make one copy of each for your files as pastor.
7.  Choose method of delivery to Rev Frye. Remember, he must have all registrations one month prior to camp to complete early registration.
8.  If you choose to mail the completed forms to Rev Frye, mail them, along with a check from your church, to him at:
7660 S. SR25, Rochester, IN 46975

9.  If you choose to email applications to Rev Frye, input all information from originals onto one form per camper. When the information has been completed on the electronic form on your computer, save the file with an individual file name, perhaps by the name of the camper (i.e. DaveM.doc). Repeat this process for all of your campers. When finished, you should have one file for each camper. Forward all of these files to Rev Frye at fryephillip@gmail.com.  Remember!:  Bring all original registration forms with you to camp and deliver them to Rev Frye when you arrive. There must be at least one original, signed registration form for every camper attending camp. Also remember to mail Rev Frye a check from your church for the registrations to arrive one month before camp.
10.  Rev Frye will send you a "receipt email" confirming that he has received your registrations. If you have not received this confirmation shortly after sending your registrations to him, please query him. The internet email service isn't always the most efficient.

Note: You may take the form above in jpg format by putting your computer mouse on the form, clicking the right mouse button and then saving the form by using the "Save As" option on your computer. Pay special attention to the location where you save the jpg files. Access that file with a graphics program on your computer (if no other program is selected, usually Internet Explorer will display the file). Then print the file to your printer. Be advised, the printed display of jpg files will not display as clearly as using MS Word or Works.

Senior Youth Conference

June 14, Early Registration $150, Late Registration $180, At Camp Registration $180

Theme: System Breakers
Isaiah 43: 18-21


Directors, Rev Keenan Smith, Rev Josh and Rhonda Powell


Your life does not have to be ruled by the "System" that has been given you by the world!
Together, let's start to see how you can be a System-breaker for Jesus in a world that claims He does not even exist.
Let's see what that "new thing" is that God wants to do in your life!

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