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Rev Steve Owens, Host Pastor
October 4-6, 2022


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Arise BMA!

The Host with the Most.

This man can STILL Preach.

Great men of Faith.

Have you checked this recipe?

Unbelievable hospitality.

Pastor Josh and Christina always anointed.

Praising the Lord.

Honoring the Owens'.

Father and son. Preach the Word!

Honoring our elders.

We so thank you for all your years of service!

Honoring our Young Preacher from Senior Camp 2022.

"If I hear 'Jose can you see' one more time...

Ladies, awesome food!

Brother Jim, we love you.

Brother Phil, just short of 70.

Honoring our elders.

Couldn't do it without the crew!

Table for two?

Praise the Lord! What a great conference.

Chairmen praise...

Great to see you too, Pastor Scott!

Decatur contingent.

Congratulations Brother Tom.

Jarrod in his prime.

We all need that kind of anointing Brother!

Great leadership. Great Conference Brother Steve

Love you Brother and Sister Owens.

Awesome message Mr. Chairman.

We never have been treated better!

Awesome Full Gospel Team.

We definitely did Arise. Thanks Lincoln!

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Tuesday night, 7pm, Evening Service
Rev Kevin Horath

Arise, Shine Church!
Wednesday, Oct 5,
Morning Sessions
Wednesday, Oct 5,
Afternoon Sessions
Wednesday night, 7pm
Evening Service
Rev Ed Herald

Today, We Fight
Thursday, Oct 6,
Morning/Afternoon Sessions
Thursday night, 7pm
Evening Service
Rev John Wongler

A Table for Two

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