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Bethel Ministerial Association Membership
Contact: Rev. Donald Horath
3575 Greenhill Road
Decatur, IL 62521
(217) 429-5590 e-mail:

Bethel Youth Camp
Contact: Rev. James Wilson
7479 West St. Rd. 66
Richland, IN 47634
(812) 359-5063 e-mail:

Bethel Publishing House
Contact: Rev. David L. Matthews
6899 Scottsville Navilleton Rd
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
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Bethel Foreign Mission Foundation
Contact: Rev. Joseph Greene
435 S. Lincoln Ave.
Rockport, IN 47635
(812) 649-4872

Bethel Youth Camp

Among the countless number of ministers, churches, groups and individuals that have worked through the years to make Bethel Youth Camp a success, there is surely one that stands out in our minds. It was Rev. I.E. Wilson who first suggested to the Bethel Brethren the idea of having a combined youth conference, geared at meeting the spiritual needs of their young people. The conference was held at Bethel Tabernacle in Decatur, Illinois during the summer of 1943, and the vision instantly took hold. For several years annual youth conferences were held at various Bethel Churches until the attendance grew to the degree that they were forced to find a larger facility. The first year for “camp” was in 1950 as they took another step by renting a campground near Decatur, but even there, they were crowded. A larger camp was rented the following year, and Brother Wilson began looking for permanent dormitories.

It was then that he came across 72 acres of land just east of Lynnville, Indiana that he envisioned as a place of spiritual growth for hundreds of teenagers. The decision was made to buy the land, and construction began in July of 1954. God worked mighty miracles as thousands of dollars worth of equipment, service and materials were donated toward Bethel Camp.

The land was cleared for buildings and a lake was dug out. The churches went together and built cabins and a huge tent went up for evening services. After years of diligent prayer and hard work we were ready for our very first “Bethel Youth Camp.” From that first camp meeting in August of 1959 until today, the sole purpose has remained the same, that is, ministering to the needs of young people and training them to reach their world for Christ.

There have been many improvements made to the ranch in these past years. The big tent has been replaced by a permanent open air tabernacle. The all-weather dormitory/ conference room has been one of our favorite additions to the ranch grounds. It enables us to use the facility in the cold, winter months as well as giving us some much needed extra room during the summer ranch program.

For many of the Bethel family, summer is synonymous with Bethel Youth Camp. With the promise of everything from paddleboats to sports competition to the worship in the evening services, camp has something for everyone. It’s a week of challenging classes and warm fellowship.

Believing prevention is better than cure, the entire staff is dedicated to introduce young men and women to Jesus Christ through teachings based on the Word of God. Strong emphasis is placed on teaching teenagers how to have a deeper walk with the Lord and to share Him with their world.

Bethel Foreign Mission Foundation

The Bethel Foreign Mission Foundation began in 1960 as the David Merwin Family was getting ready to go to Korea for the first time.

The Pastors of the Bethel Ministerial Association felt the need of having a central point to forward funds to the Merwins and other missionaries who were going to foreign soil.

Rev. Don Matthews was the first secretary and helped to get Bethel Foreign Missionary Foundation off and going to a good start. He kept in contact with the missionaries and sent the funds that were designated to them each month.

Rev. David Williams assumed the responsibilities after Rev. Don Matthews, and held this task very dear to his heart until his death. He was known as a friend to missions and did all he could to further the cause of World Missions. Under his leadership, the number of missionaries and the amount of funds sent to the field continued to increase.

After the untimely death of Rev. Williams, Rev. Merwyn Masters took the responsibility of the Bethel Foreign Mission Foundation and did an outstanding job for the cause of Christ. Then, the Missionary Secretary position was filled by former missionary to Korea, Rev. David Merwin. In July of 1991, Rev. Merwin moved to the state of Oregon to take a position in a local church to coordinate their missions program. Rev. Merwyn Masters filled the position again until November of 1992, at which time Rev. Joseph Greene filled the position of Missionary Secretary.

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Bethel Publishing House
Bethel Publishing House began in 1955 under the leadership of Reverend Richard Schwambach from Bethel Temple in Evansville, Indiana. While under the leadership of Reverend Schwambach, the publishing house became not only a dream, but a reality as several companies made their materials available to the publishing house for retail sales. The Bethel Temple church staff needed a lot of printing and Sunday School literature for volunteer workers, thus the name of Bethel Publishing House (BPH) was birthed and business began.

With the process of time, BPH prospered under the Evansville church. However, Bethel Temple decided to give the Bethel Publishing House ministry to the Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc., with the understanding that if the other Bethel churches would purchase their literature through BPH, more income would be provided for the development of the Bethel Youth Camp. Reverend Schwambach continued to manage BPH with continued success and development.

On April 24, 1997, Reverend Schwambach asked the Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc. to accept his resignation from BPH as Manager. With his resignation, he also requested the Bethel Brethren to accept the responsibility of BPH. Subsequently, the Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc. accepted Reverend Schwambach’s resignation and assumed the responsibility for BPH. Along with this decision, Reverend Phillip Frye was appointed as the new BPH Manager and was later replaced in 1998 by Reverend David Matthews.

Our mission is to provide the best of Christian educational material, music, books, supplies, and the Bible to any person, organization, or church at the best affordable price without compromising our faith, doctrine, or Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bethel Publishing House is an outreach ministry of the Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc. For additional information or to place an order, please call or write to:

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