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Ingram, TX
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Team Jesus Ministries-
I would be glad to have you as part of Team Jesus and to link arms. We are working on details. Team Jesus is a partner to promote Jesus and to link hands to strengthen. There is no head but Jesus. The rest of us are servants. The Documents I will email you are our means to speak the same language and guide a new beginners class in Church planting.

The Covenant is to establish trust and mutual cooperation.

The goal is to bear fruit, much fruit, for Jesus Christ. No monies are taken in for salaries but goes 100% as designated. Travel is the responsibility of missionaries and individuals and can use Team Jesus for the conduit of support. All financial records are open for review and subject to audit. We will use the Team Jesus Ministries as a link site to partner members and source of information for prayer request, ministry needs, linking partners, and finances.

I am looking to put the Elder board together for the international. In each Country which the Lord opens, we will establish a national board, and then each church planting an elder board with the chief elder being designated Pastor, and a deacon board. From these, we establish and train future pastors and church plantings. The goal will be to plant a new church every year-- and 3 years from each church plant. We are also working on an app for designated giving that will be able to get the funds where needed.

Team Members will be held accountable for their ministries. They are in agreement to send a team up to establish churches. Currently we are working to secure a vehicle in Kenya to get around in the remote areas, 1000 chairs to establish 20-30 church plants, Tents for temporary church buildings, portable PA equipment, battery operated projectors for outreach, and iPads for ministry use. We have a fund and are working to supply Bibles in English and Swahili in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We have a ministry publisher that we are in communication with to publish materials for church growth and training. I have many years of experience in business and cost savings. We will do everything to be wise. The goal is not towers but the Kingdom.

Already we have been asked to do crusades. That is not our intention. Two by two witnessing is the goal. Being part of the community and sharing the gospel is the Goal.

Team Jesus is non denominational, is Jesus-Centered as head. I will be ministering in camps, conferences and churches this year.

“Building a House that Can Stand Any Storm”, "The Three C’s to Success,” and “Who is Jesus? Prophet, Priest and King”

If you want the church to be a model of the church Jesus planted, I will be glad to come and Share.

If you are retired and would like to get involved in ministers using your skills, please contact me. I will help you get involved in short term and/or long term missions.

If you would like to help financially and know it will be used with integrity and full accountability--we are a 501c3 and will help you make a difference.

Jerry Van Ronk
Team Jesus Ministries

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