The Adventure Continues

There is a house in town with a yard sign that says, "The only ghost in this house is the Holy Ghost".

In a few days children will be going from house to house, participating in Halloween. Some families refuse to participate in the holiday, others offer alternate activiites, and some see nothing wrong with it. It's not a subject on which everyone agrees.

Another topic on which not everyone agrees is missions. Why would a person leave a comfortable life to go to another country, learn a new language, new customs, with no guarantee that they will ever see their homeland again?

Their reasons for becoming missionaries are varied. Their vision had been enlarged by seeing a physical and spiritual need, they heard a missionary speak at their church, or perhaps took a class on missions. The most interesting reason that many have is that they had thoroughly considered the possibility, and decided that they definitely did NOT want to be a missionary, but the burden would not go away.

Almost every week, we're in touch with people who are considering the mission field. It's an adventure for both them and us. We get the honor of helping to get them to the field of service that God has called them.

In the recent past, we had the privilege of welcoming to GGF singles, couples, and families who will serve in Bangladesh, Kenya, Hong Kong, Romania, Thailand, Myammar, and China.

We are glad that we can help the way we do, and we believe that you are also doing your part by either going yourself, praying or supporting those who have responded to God's command.

In addtion to interviewing missionary candidates and welcoming them to GGF, in the last few months we have attended a GGF board meeting, a Pastors Conference, and a Mission leaders conference. Life continues to be an adventure. We can hardly wait to see what God is going to do next.

Thank you for all you do.

Jose & Sandy

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