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Committeemen are normally elected every four (4) years; the exception is 2006. Those elected in 2006 will serve a two-year term; in 2008 the cycle will go back to four years…1994-1998-2002-2006-2008-2012-2016.

To be elected, a candidate for precinct committeeman must file a declaration of candidacy for the primary election no later than noon seventy-four (74) days and no earlier than one hundred and four days (104) before the primary election. The declaration must be subscribed and sworn to before a person authorized to administer oaths. They must file with their county clerk on the appropriate form (CAN-37). The state form number in the upper left hand side of the form is 47417.

The dates of the Primary will change; however, the actual number of days prior to the election when filing is open will remain the same.

There is always discussion on whether a committeeman should be elected or appointed. Some counties discourage precinct committeemen from seeking elected office. I feel strongly that committeemen should be elected for various reasons. (There are times when appointments are necessary.)

1. Elected committeemen serve four year terms. (Only exception is 2006)
2. Appointed committeemen serve at the pleasure of the County Chair and can be removed for any reason.
3. The offices of precinct committeemen and vice committeemen are NOT HOLDOVER OFFICES. Precinct committeemen must be elected in the Primary Election, re-elected in the Primary Election or must be reappointed.
4. Committeemen who run for office gain name ID.
5. Elected committeemen gain the experience of a campaign.
6. Fewer questions are raised about elected committeemen when there is a need to have a caucus to fill an office or ballot vacancy.
7. By running for office, committeemen learn about the people in their respective precincts.
8. Elected committeemen have the opportunity to select their own vice committeemen, if they do so within the time allotted in the State Committee Rules. (See Rules 30-33)(by noon on Tuesday following the Primary Election). The appointment must be given to the County Chairman in written form. Forms are available by calling the Secretary's office at the State Committee. These forms must be kept on file with the county party secretary and the information forwarded to the state committee secretary.
9. Committeemen and their vice committeemen may be of the same sex. The opposite sex rule does not apply to precinct committeemen and vice committeemen.


2 National Committeemen
4 State Officers
36 District Officers
384 County Officers
5602 Precincts in Indiana (This would be 11,204 people if all committeemen and vice committeemen spots were filled.)

You can see by the sheer numbers who touches and influences the most people. This is why your role as a committeeman is so important. The success of the Party rests with you!! You are the front line. People elect you because they know and respect your opinion. They depend on you to lead them…motivate them…give advice and answer their questions and listen to their concerns. You are the Public Relations person for your precinct.


Precinct committeemen are elected in the Primary by the general electorate. The precinct committeemen and their vice committeemen elect the four (4) county officers. The four (4) elected officers are chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the county officers elect the four (4) district officers. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the district become known as the State Committee. There are eighteen members of the State Committee, one man and one woman from each of the nine (9) congressional districts. The members of the State Committee elect the four (4) State Officers.

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