I fully admit that when one testifies of his or her love for God, there may be a lack of truth in the testimony or some limit to the understanding of what that person might be saying. Absolutely, without Jesus is your life, you cannot truly claim to be Christian. I know that many times, one might say they are a Christian just to influence what others think about them or to achieve some gain. However, I also know that the media (the press, television, movie industry) tries to influence what Americans think all the time. That is why it is so sadly true that much of what they portray through their particular media may be false. We are lied to by the media alot of times. Perhaps the biggest lie they portray is that because they tell a story it represents what most Americans think...and more often than not, that is not true.

     You will not find any media telling you about Christian testimonies by people who are well known, because that would cause us to think that our very similar beliefs might not reflect what they want us to believe. As there were scores of Hollywood celebrities during World War II who gave up their stardom to serve their country, there are also now lots of Hollywood celebrities who testify to a faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. You will not hear these stories in the media. But their testimonies are true nonetheless. In the end, it isn't for us to judge whether or not what these people are saying is true. We will probably never meet them (at least not in this life) to have any way of judging their real fruit. But that doesn't mean that we cannot rejoice over their testmonies here and now and know that maybe those testimonies can really make a difference in someone's life. As Christians, that is what we are all trying to do.

     Take a look at a few of these famous people proclaiming their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Enjoy the fact that through the influence of their fame, maybe they are influencing people to believe in Jesus too.

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